Tuesday, April 17, 2007

spring vacation...i think?

Tim & Susan, Timmy's parents, recently bought a time share at this resort in Virginia known as Massanutten. We had heard all about it but hadn't been there yet. YAY! New adventure!

To give you an idea of our lives lately, I've been holding my regular fulltime job doing scientific research in addition to getting a photography business off the ground. Tim is in school and works fulltime. Jake has had a hard year in 6th grade, he is barely passing and seems to not have a full understanding of where his priorities are (Homework vs. Playing?). A normal debate for an eleven year old + some pre-teen stuff = driving your parents mad!! Anyhow, I gave Jake some academic goals to meet weeks in advance so he could join us on this trip. Needless to say, he did'nt meet them so he had to stay here and go to school. BUMMER! I was really excited to get away and have some relaxing time with the family.

So we pack up, Tim, the babes and myself. In addition to Mimi, Pop Pop + cousins TJ and Julia. Four hour drive, great condo, with two living quarters in one, the weather was extremely cold, the wind cut through you and I thought it was going to blow the condo over. It even snowed two of the days (which I was pretty freaking excited about...I LOVE SNOW!).

This place is amazing. It has a plethora of activities, it was just to freaking cold out to enjoy anything. We did get a 3 day pass to the water park and the kids (including the adults) had a ball! Kyler & Brady both went down the big water slide and giggled all the way down. They became quite the water bugs by the end of the three days. It is possible there is too much of a good thing. Although the water park was groovy, I was sick of it by day three. Maybe I was just tired of chasing kids around... To this day, Kyler still asks if we can go to the water park.

The rest of the time we had lots of family time, decorated, ate & hid Easter eggs, had a few (ok, alot) cocktails, ate yummy food, the men played some golf, I did some photo editing, read some magazines, watched Flushed Away 34 times, took baths in the BIG bathtub, and got a little cabin fever. Meanwhile back at home, Jake is causing havic and I'm getting calls from the principal. A dreamy week quickly turns into stress and me being sometimes over dramatic, have us come home a day early.

I look forward to going back again this summer, this time, no stress allowed!

Here are some pics from the week.

TJ body surfing in the wave pool!

playing putt putt in a blizzard. No kidding!


mom & brady

pop.pop and kyler
mimi & brady

dad & brady in kiddy pool

by the end of the week timmy finally decided to do the body surfing thing. No, it wasn't because he was scared, it was because he knew how sore he'd be after doing it! (are we really that old yet?) He amazed everyone, staying on the longest and doing all the tricks the lifeguards taught him.

The HUGE, ENORMOUS swimming pool in our bathrrom called a tub. The kids loved it.

Kyler & his easter egg!

Check out this place...pretty cool!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

the milk situation

When you have a blog like this one, they ask you a random question. Mine was, Has your spilled milk ever resembled the moon? The answer is limited to very few characters, but it reminded me of a funny story of a spilled milk situation in our house not too long ago;
Jake was pouring milk into a cup while standing in the doorway of the fridge. Kyler hits the door, which in turn hits Jake's arm, and knocks the gallon out of his hands. He catches it by wedging it between the door and his leg, however, it's upside down, pouring out. Brady was standing under the whole chaotic situation, which caused him to slip and fall face up on the ground. As the milk continues to empty (a full gallon I might add) it's falling onto Brady's face...in his eye. Poor Brady needed a bath to get all the milk off and Jake had one big mess to clean up! I could'nt stop laughing!

welcome family and friends!

I'm great at taking photos of us and documenting our lives through a journal, it's the sharing part that I've been bad at . So I am excited about this resource that allows me to be able to let you all know what's going on with us and gives you a chance to check in once in a while at your convenience. Bookmark us as a favorite and let us know when you drop in by leaving a comment. We have family from California, as far as Germany and several stops in between. I look forward to sharing our lives with you and allowing you to be apart of it no matter how far you are. Be sure to send us updates on you from time to time. We'd like to hear from you too!
Love Sally & boys!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

visiting grandma stella

Grandma Stella is turning 90 years old this year! She recently had a stroke that resulted in leaving her blind and very frail. She lives in an assisted living home right down the street, so this allows the boys & I to visit as much as our schedule will allow. She is always so happy to have us there. Despite her health she always has a smile for us and plays with the boys. She even had me put on her lipstick for her since she can't see to do it herself lately. Here are a few pics of our visit with grandma.

grandma tickling Kyler

Although Brady was sitting on grandma's lap she wasn't sure where he was to get a kiss. Brady was a good sport about it, he just sat there letting her love on him.

grandma making funny noises and faces as we say goodbye

kristy eyler comes to visit

Kristy is a good friend from Milwaukee, WI. She use to live here in Winston. Kyler was named after Kristy. How that happened, I don't know, a rhyming game gone bad (ha ha). Eyler...Kyler. I love the name Kyler, it's as unique as he is and we love Kristy to death.

gone for a walk

kyler & Jake are skateboarding buddies!

kyler loves the "big trucks"

Kyler & Brady LOVE their big brother!

playing at Mimi & Pop Pop's

kyler playing peek-a-boo

playing with cousins TJ & Julia

brady & sonoma are buddies.

a busy weekend!

helping dad do yardwork

picnic in the yard

Kyler stealing his brothers Yoo-hoo!

happy birthday to us!

On December 9th Brady turned one year, the same day I turned 33. We had a small party for Brady. Tim planned a surprise evening for me; 4 hours at a salon getting a facial, massage, hair and manicure. He then checked me into a hotel where I walked into a room with a new cocktail dress and jewelry. He had me get dressed for an evening of fine dining and we attended the play "nutcracker". The celebration ended by sleeping in and having breakfast and coffee in bed the following morning. Happy Birthday to us!

2006-07 school photos

Kyler (2) & Brady (11 mths.)

jake, 6th grade middle school