Wednesday, October 24, 2007

just because their so freakin cute!

giggles in the box

a big box means LOTS of fun for two little guys (and some quiet time for mom)!

Go Seminoles!

I married a FSU fan. Finally after 10 years and three sons later, I have accepted football as a part of my life. I figured if I'm going to eat, sleep and breath the game every fall I might as well learn to love it! Florida State played Wake Forest this past week. It was Jake & I's first FSU game. We tailgated, met up with some friends and sadly...{gulp} beat. We had a great time anyways! Jake got to bring a friend and we had some good laughs.

Tim, Jake (under all the hair) and me, Sally.

Rashan & Jake

my husband, the FSU fan.


Nia came up for the weekend and we painted pumpkins at Nanna's house! We just made it a sleep over and had some spooky snacks and sang silly halloween songs. See our pumpkins? This year Nia is going to be a ballerina princess, Kyler is Elmo and Brady as Cookie Monster. Jake hasn't decided if he's going to dress up this year or not