Sunday, September 28, 2008

SPP Pet Show

Kyler started Pre-K at a new school this year. It just so happens to be the same school his Mimi teaches music class. This week they had a pet show + blessing of the pets. Tim + I took Sonoma, Jackson and Flipper over to meet Kyler's new friends.

banner the class made introducing pets!

kyler + flipper. Our newest family addition.

kyler realizes, cute pet=girls attention

jackson getting blessed

sonoma snarling and snapping at the pastor

little flipper gets a prayer too!

kyler is [4]

the [guitar] cake

the [gifts + guests]

kyler + anna


the [wish]

kyler + lily

kyler and his best friends.


Kyler's 4th bday Photo Session

In celebration of Kylers recent 4th birthday and love for music.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mom + Dad go to Jamaica

It's nice to escape once in a while...

If you can't laugh at yourself...

On rainy days you have to be a crafty mom or you'll go insane! We made this a crazy hair day. We played in front of the mirror fixing each others hair laughing at what we came up with.

kyler in pig tails. (the unicorn look)

brady the greaser.

KG and mom

unicorn kitty dolphin

That's what cousin Nia named her new kitten. Cute cat huh? ...Until it starts attacking your ankles. We visited johnna, jeffro + nia in Wilmington recently.

mom playing with the kitty. I love that my mom is sporting a Johnny Cash T!

Kyler + Nia

Kyler, Nia + Brady

One of my favorite things about my mom is her smile + laughter.

Monday, September 15, 2008


As a mother + a photographer I see my children's childhood but I can't quite capture it as I would for others. First person photography I call it. It was interesting trying to take a photo of them as I gave them an airplane ride. Mission accomplished!



friendship is...

Kyler & Anna

the september boys

That's what they have named themselves. Kyler and Jake. Both have September birthdays just days apart. Kyler turned 4 on the 12th of Sept. and Jake will be 13 on Sept. 18th.
I've decided to celebrate their birthdays with the family as a yearly camping trip. This being the first annual. Mimi and Pop Pop joined us this year and we had a blast!
Hanging out around the camp fire, canoeing down the river, riding bikes, eating Smores! Some images from our celebration.


sonoma + jackson

daddy changing a diaper in the wilderness

mimi + kyler playing guitar

jake + brady in the hammock

kyler, brady + dad cooking dinner

new bike...YAY!

happy birthday jake + kyler....

River Camp.

life is good


As long as I can't see them or hear them, I don't care! They don't go to sleep right away. They quietly sneak around and play with their toys in the dark. At least they aren't crying for a sip of water, or that they have to go to the bathroom for the 50th time! They eventually go to their beds and go to sleep. Except this night; I found Kyler on the steps notice Jackson checking out the situation). A few times Brady snuggles up with Sonoma and falls asleep with him as a pillow on the floor.

The laughter and conversation I hear between the two of them sometimes is priceless.

band aid rule #1

Band aids have become something of an ornament or accessory for my kids. I had to make a rule: A boo boo has to be bleeding in order to get a band aid!

potty training

Some get it much quicker than others. It's an exhausting feat. THANK GOODNESS for teachers that have a 3 day training program! Keep them distracted while they sit with songs, books, laughter until they do something. Plan on poopie being a regular word in your families vocabulary for a few years.

{yes, they will kill me for this one day, but SOOO damn cute!}

Had to involve cookie in the toilet routine to get Brady on there. {re: sesame street toddler seat}

Notice Kylers tattoo collection down his leg.