Thursday, August 30, 2007

4 years =

Happy Anniversary to us!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

a visit to the farm

our friend Izzy joined us.

kyler feeding the horses apples.
he got so excited.

friend Mike gave Kyler & Dad a ride

Dad & Brady

Friday, August 10, 2007

2007 school pictures

These are from this summer, taken at school.
This is a classic Brady expression. He refused to smile for the camera.
He can be very moody, but usually quite happy and easy going.

Kyler likes to pose for the camera. I could'nt decide between these two images, so I got both. They are both good reflections of Kyler's many facial expressions. He is quite a character and very comfortable with many, many emotions that he demonstrates very well.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

tim is old!

Tim turned 30 this year. We had him a suprise b-day party. I love giving suprises!! Jim & MaryJane live on Lake Norman (Tim's sister & brother in law). A perfect place to rent a pontoon & ski boat and invite some friends, so that's what I did. We tricked Tim into thinking he was going up to Jim's to help in the yard. When he arrived, there we were on the water in the boats, waiting for him! It was a great celebration. We had a cookout & cake afterwards at MJ's!


the girls: amy, maryjane, sally & liz (who came all the way from NY!)

the birthday boy!

amy & sally

birthday cake & liquor! MaryJane ordered the cake and the designer had the impression it was for a kid. funny!

a good example that old age has nothing to do with your youthful spirit (ha ha).
Tim's uncle steve & his dad Tim Sr.

ymca camp hanes

Every year Jake & TJ go to Camp Hanes together.
TJ is my nephew on Tim's side. Him & Jake are the same age.


Mom & I went down to Wilmington for the weekend. I actually had a photo shoot down there, but it was a good opportunity to make a weekend out of it and spend some time with Johnna & Nia.

In case you did'nt know, Nia is half mermaid.

Nana & Nia

Us four girls. I'm never in any photos. Mom had this idea for a picture. I had to set up the tripod and timer and run.
Sally (me) . Patty (mom & Nana). Nia. Johnna


brady & kyler

Children's Museum

We have an awesome Childrens Museum in town. I love it more than the kids I think.
We have a neighbor (whom Tim mows her grass) and she gave us a summer pass. What a great gift. It takes the boredom out of those rainey days. Well, this particular day wasn't rainy, dad was out of town, but just the same we had FUN!

"Clean up on isle 6...and isle 9, oh, and isle 10 too!"

Brady & Kyler doing a little shopping in the grocery store.
Kyler was so into it. Filling his buggy up with some goodies!

Check out time. Notice Brady throwing things off the counter as Kyler turns around to unload.

snack break with the wild things.

kyler playing with a barrel of monkeys.

brady riding the horse. "h" is for horse. They have a whole section of alphabet figures.

centenary family

Kyler & Brady have a second home, called Centenary. This is where they go to "school" everyday. Kyler's class is a close group and many of the kids have been together since they were newborns. We have started to have playdates once in a while to maintain the relationships out of school. I figured soon we'll all start going our seperate ways and I hope we can keep in touch. After all, I love each and everyone as my own.

ends & back: James. Lily. Abby . Anna Banana . Alex . Kyler
sitting in front: Holly . Victoria . Kendal

this pic melts my heart. I don't know if it's the cute feet or the faces.
Kyler & Abby

Lily & Kyler

Jake is a boyscout

Jake has been a scout for a few years now. This year he went to Camp Raven Knob, which is the local boyscout camp. We came to visit on Wed. for family night.

Jake showing Kyler around camp.


Jake showing Kyler how to light a fire with flint.

They found something in the grass. WHat is it???


One thing I have learned as a mother of three boys is how to love bugs.frogs. and YES even snakes . Weird huh? Who would of thunk?? Of course I don't really care for them, but I willl touch them and pretend to passionatley love them just as the boys do. I figured I should learn to love football too...GO FSU!

Jake and the scouts honour.

summer vacation

The five of us packed up our things and headed to Bald Head Island for a week of relaxation. This was my thinking... we've done the Disney thing, too exhausting!! I thought a week on a remote island would be nice, nothing to do BUT relax, right? We shared the week with good friends from Idaho (the solis') and Florida (the hines). It was good to have that time together, and great to have the kids grow up with one another, but with 6 kids it took a gallon of Sangaria, 3 gallons of Vodka, a 5th of Gin, LOTS of beer and a little bit of tequila to keep sane!! It really was a great time, I just miss sleeping in and being able to lay out on the beach without having to jump up every two minutes. Alot of hot beers resulted from my countless attempts to relax. Oh well, it gives me something to look forward to in 16.5 years!!

Here we are...

Solis Family (left): Jim. Laura. Sarah (harry in back)
Hines in the middle: Nesa. Kimberly. Shawn
Gupton's to the Left: Jake(standing). Sally holding Brady . Tim & Kyler

We want to do this annually, next year without the kids maybe??

Kim.Shawn. Sally. Capptain Bob.Tim.Skipper Rick

Us adults did get to get away for a sail on the ocean. It took Tim & Shawn a couple of days to get to know all the college kids on the island doing an intern and a couple of the gals volunteered to baby.sit while we did something. Thank God!!! This sail made the trip!

anthony hopkins

matt alper. anthony hopkins . kristy byrd-alper

Anthony has to be one of my all time favro's and my aunt got to meet him!!
They said he was amazing.