Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gupton [going ons]

Crazy time of the year! Wait a minute... Every day of the year is crazy around here!
We've been celebrating b-days, graduation, holidays, daily life, friends + family.

A few photos + captions to catch you up.

[the Byrd Christmas at Nana's]

We all spent the day together. Good Friends stopped through to say hello and share some holiday cheer. We lounged, cooked, ate, drank, watched the Grinch, opened presents, the kids played, sprayed string cheese, the adults took naps, replaced a toilet. Kyler yelled; "Holy Macaroni!' when he opened his gifts. When asked what that meant, he replied; ' It means "cool', "I like it'.

[kyler + brady] Kyler being a clown and Brady with his mouth opened waiting for something yummy to fall in it. He doesn't miss anything when it comes to food.

[jake+kyler] Kyler's typical expression when Jake's around.



Brady loves Kylers new train.

He gets so into his own little world when he plays. I love watching him.

the things i want to remember about my kids. their skull socks, while in diapers. Chubby legs and their small hands.

One of my favorite quotes by Brady: 'I like you really bad'. [his way of saying i love you]

train off the track...DRAMA!

Kyler+Brady+ Nia

[Decorating our Christmas Tree]

Kyler might just tell you that Christmas Decorations are better than candy. He has gotten so excited about decorating this year. Between our house and his Mimi's- no mistletoe, Santa or nutcracker has gone unturned. He even commented that we didn't have enough decorations.
It's fun to watch his excitement.

The boys top the tree.


This year, celebrating our b-day didn't go quite as planned. For months Brady told us it was going to snow on his b-day. He had built it up so much, I really didn't want him to be disappointed. So I had a great plan that we'd all go to a local ski resort and spend the day tubing, etc. I had been out west for a short visit with my good friend Laura and had planned to arrive home just in time to head out again with the boys on our little trip. My connecting flight got cancelled due to a huge snow storm and I spent the whole next day [our birthday] stuck in an airport trying to get home. I was really bummed. Luckily Brady is still to young to know what was really going on. Plan B involved a surprise visit to his classroom with cupcakes for him + his friends.

Me [sally] , Brady + Jake

Brady and I blow out our candles.


A photo from my trip out west.
myself, Laura + Kim in Jackson Hole WY.
Boarding down Grand Targhee.


He will stand in there all day if you let him. Singing and playing and washing.

[Tim graduates]

For the past 2 years, in addition to working full time, Tim has been attending college at nights. He *finally* graduated this month with a BA in Business. Both his parents and I were both ecstatic.


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